Lower Columbia Women's Clinic

It is with deep regret that our clinic closed permanently on June 14, 2013.
We, at the clinic have appreciated so much, the relationship we have had with both our patients and our professional partners in this community in the past 30 years. It is with great sadness that we close our doors, but we do hope that we have served you well in your medical and emotional needs. We have valued the relationship we have had with everyone in this community and wish you all the best in health and happiness.

Medical Records

Please note…. Personal requests for copies of your chart are not longer accepted.
Your medical record can be accessed after 8/1/13 through a physician or attorney request by following the instructions below for each physician. Keep in mind that any labs or pathology can be obtained through Lower Columbia Pathology and any hospital records can be obtained through St. John Medical Center. There will be a fee associated with chart requests.


Dr. Henderson

It is with sadness and deep sorrow that we lost Dr. Philip Henderson III.
Dr. Henderson passed away on Friday June 7th 2013.
Dr. Henderson’s practice has closed and Dr. Henderson’s medical records have been placed in a HIPAA compliant storage facility.
To obtain a copy of your medical file please complete a formal authorization to release records form. Print/Download Release of Records form (Click Here)

Send it to:
The Estate of Dr. Philip Henderson, III
P.O. Box 122
Longview, Washington 98632

- OR -

Email it to:

Within 3-5 business days you will be contacted with a cost for obtaining, copying and sending your files, and options for payment. The cost will not exceed $50.00. The time period is necessary because a determination must be made as to whether your records are digitized (computerized) or in the form of paper charts. Each are stored and retrieved differently.
Once the formal release and payment are received your chart will be sent to you or whomever you have designated. Please remember to include your phone number on your release form so you can be contacted if there are any questions. Please know your privacy is our primary concern, and your information is handled by HIPAA compliant personnel.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience especially during the current period of uncertainty surrounding everyone’s healthcare opportunities. It has taken quite some time to find the least troublesome and least costly way of getting you your information. May you always be healthy and have a full life. Dr. Henderson would have wanted that for you.

Payments can be made via Paypal below:

File Types

Dr. Saraf
Dr. Saraf will start his new practice at Kirkpatrick Family Care on July 8th, 2013 doing gynecology only.
Please call 360-423-9580 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Gredzens

Dr. Gredzens has relocated out of state. Because Lower Columbia Women's Clinic has stopped practice, your medical records have been placed in a HIPAA compliant storage facility. A fee to search for them and copy them is required.

$24.00 search fee, $1.09 per page to copy the first thirty pages, then $.82 per page for the pages over thirty pages.

In order to obtain your Lower Columbia Women's Clinic records, please print out, date, and sign the release of records form (Click Here) and include a check or money order of $24 to Dr. Gredzens. This covers the expense of finding the chart. Once the chart has been found, an estimate of the copying fee can be provided to you before you agree to proceed with the copying and incur further expense. (Please include contact information in order to be able to provide you with this estimate).

Mail both the check and form to:

Dr. Aris Gredzens
159 Interstate Avenue
Bradford, Pennsylvania 16701.

Please include the address and phone number of your physician's office or legal representative who will be receiving your records. Please also include your contact information. If your physician 's office requires a separate release of records form, please include that also.

Please be aware that the State of Washington allows a charge for copying and sending on your records.

To save expense you may wish to consider that the most important documents your provider may need (operative reports, delivery notes, laboratory test results including X-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, Pap smears and your pathology reports) are usually available locally in the hospital record or at the Lower Columbia Pathology office.

There will be a fee charged by the storage facility to copy and forward your records once they have received the "release of records" form from Dr. Gredzens. You will receive a bill for this (in addition to the original search fee) from Dr. Gredzens. This will be mailed to you. You will be expected to reimburse Dr.Gredzens in the form of a check or money order to the above address.

The State of Washington legislature has given the following guidelines for reasonable fees that can be charged to the patient or requesting provider: WAC 246-08-400 Agency filings affecting this section How much can a health care provider charge for searching and duplicatingf health care records? RCW 70.02.010(15) allows health care providers to charge fees for searching and duplicating health care records. The fees a provider may charge cannot exceed the fees listed below:

(1) Copying charge per page: (a) No more than one dollar and nine cents per page for the first thirty pages; (b) No more than eighty-two cents per page for all other pages. (2) Additional charges: (a) The provider can charge a twenty-four dollar clerical fee for searching and handling records; (b) If the provider personally edits confidential information from the record, as required by statute, the provider can charge the usual fee for a basic office visit. (3) This section is effective July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2015. (4) HIPAA covered entities shall refer to HIPAA regulation 45 C.F.R. 164.524 (c)(4).

An example of charges for copying and sending your chart:

If your chart were fifty pages:

1. $1.09 per page for the first thirty pages= $32.70.
2. $.82 per additional twenty pages= $16.40
3. $24 .00 fee for searching and handling
This comes to a total of $73.10 for a chart of fifty pages. If Dr. Gredzens has to edit confidential information at your request, then a basic office fee may be added.

Dr. Gredzens sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience and expense this may cause.

Please allow up to fourteen business days to receive your records once the request and check have been received. No phone calls to Dr. Gredzens will be accepted.

Dr. Whelan

Dr. Whelan has accepted a position with the Legacy Hospitals, primarily at Salmon Creek as a OB Hospitalist. In this new role he will not be able to schedule office visits or recieve telephone calls.

Dr. Whelan will be following fee charges as outlined under Dr. Gredzens to obtain records. Total charges will not exceed 50 dollars. Download Form.
Mail both the check and form to:
Dr. Douglas Whelan
1105 D 15th Ave. 506
Longview, WA 98632

Any questions regarding accounting should be directed to his mailing address above.